The Brown Bag Food Project is a local non-profit that seeks to address issues of food insecurity in Wood County, Ohio. Our organization provides individuals with a supply of food to help meet their immediate food needs along with a resource guide to help connect people to additional community resources for long term support.

The idea for the Brown Bag Food Project began in 2013 when our executive director, Amy Holland, noticed a lack of immediate resources available to people struggling with food insecurity. Many found themselves in need of food due to unforeseen circumstances like the loss of a job, unexpected medical expenses, costly car repairs, or a delay in social services. To help, Amy began putting together and distributing bags of food to people in need. After operating informally for over two years, the Brown Bag Food Project attained non-profit status in 2015. Today, the Brown Bag Food Project has helped hundreds of individuals and families in Wood County dealing with food insecurity.

The Brown Bag Food Project had a major milestone in November 2016 with the opening of our offices at 115 W. Merry St, Suite B, Bowling Green. The location expanded storage capabilities and added the element for walk up assistance during office hours. Brown Bag Food Project continues to increase its influence in Wood County with the help of dedicated volunteers as well as generous donors.

Mission Statement

The Brown Bag Food Project addresses the immediate need for food, with 24-hour availability and deliver to people without transportation and those with disabilities.

The Brown Bag Food Project offers nutritious and well-balanced assortments of both perishable and non-perishable items; while addressing any specific dietary restrictions of clients.

The Brown Bag Food Project makes sure every person is treated with dignity and respect.

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  • 115 W. Merry St, Suite B, Bowling Green, Ohio