Individual Donation

Your donations makes a direct impact in the lives of women, men, girls, boys and pets right here in Bowling Green and Wood County.

We need $2,000 a month from our community donors to feed over 100 families a month.

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  • 14% of people in Wood County are food insecure and a majority of those do not qualify for Federal, State or Local assistance.
  • Typically the people (clients) we help are recovering from life altering events such as job loss, major home / car repair, divorce, job loss, drug/alcohol effect on family, domestic violence or sickness.
  • We have a lot of support from volunteers, Board Members and community members, this has lead to many strong connections in our community that keep us connected and charitable.
  • We have donors that contribute $5 and others that contribute $500. It all is important to helping keep BBFP make a difference.
  • We have no political or religious affiliation - we are here to help anyone in need.
  • We are committed to providing healthy food including milk, meat, fruits/vegetables, eggs, butter and quality hygiene products.
  • No staff or board member draws a wage. They are volunteers.
  • We take our responsibility as a 'safety net' seriously, and are committed to those in need.

Any amount helps our community. Those that can give on a monthly basis help ease the strain of our organizations financial commitments. Please give today - meals cost .74 each.

5 dollars 7 meals.png
  • $5/month = 7 complete meals
  • $10/month = 14 complete meals
  • $50 month = 68 complete meals
  • $100/month = 135 complete meals
  • $500/month = 676 complete meals

The Brown Bag Food Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the State of Ohio and all donations are tax-deductible.

All of the money that is raised by the project helps feed families in need in Wood County, Ohio.

Donations can be made by check (payable to The Brown Bag Food Project) and mailed to 530 Sand Ridge Rd, Bowling Green, Ohio

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We are funded by donations from individuals and corporations. We are looking for corporate sponsors and individual donors that wish to assist their fellow community members. Food insecurity might not always be obvious but it is all around us: the friendly face at the checkout counter, your next door elderly neighbor, the disabled veteran down the street, a family member, or the child that walked past you on her way to school. These are the faces of hunger in our community. In today’s times, with so many living paycheck to paycheck and working multiple jobs to stay afloat, it only takes one unforeseen emergency for many to fall into food insecurity. We strive to fill that gap and offer our fellow community members a welcomed helping hand. A key component to our organization is that we stress inclusiveness of all people – no judgments.

Donations come in many forms:

  • Monetary donations (general)
  • Monetary donations (specific) – e.g. rent, hygiene, etc.
  • Specific item produced by company (green beans, tomatoes, meat)
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly food drives
  • Matching monetary donations from food drives
  • Fundraisers
  • Make Brown Bag your focused charity for the month

Sponsors Enjoy:

  • Socially responsible company – company with a heart
  • Large social media following, website, newsletter, community events
  • Company logo displayed – boost market share

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